Will the I-Tip / Micro Bead Hair Extensions Damage my Hair?

No, this method will not damage the hair, if you take care of your hair properly.

Brush your hair often with a large loop or bristle brush so the roots don’t tangle. When brushing down try to hold the roots so you don’t pull on the extensions.

Don’t let the extensions grow out more than 1 inch from your hair line. You may adjust the position by opening and moving the links higher to the desired position When washing your hair, be gentle on your hair extensions and use good products.

I do not recommend going to the pool but if you do make sure you brush your hair and then braid it.

DO NOT PUT HAIR IN A BUN! this is the worst you can do to your hair extensions when going in to a pool or any water activity. Wash no more than 3 times per week

When going to bed, brush your hair and braid it. DO NOT GO TO SLEEP WITH WET HAIR.