Why are my hair tangling at my roots?

The extensions may be too far away from the roots, make sure you apply the extensions closer to the roots

The extensions may have been left on for too long and your natural hair is growing out, it is time to remove and re apply the hair extensions

Not brushing properly or often enough, make sure you brush the roots with a large loop brush so the roots don’t tangle

Brush often

Going to bed with wet hair is a NO. Make sure you dry, brush and braid the hair before you go in to bed.

Can I color my roots?

Yes, you can color your roots but make sure you don’t color the hair extensions, this will dry them out. Especially when bleaching your hair, make sure you only bleach your roots. Our Keratin bonds are excellent quality so they will not become sticky after you color your hair.

Can I apply the extensions on my own?

No, you will need a professional to apply the hair extensions. It is not recommended to apply any type of hair extensions on your own.

Can I bleach the hair extensions?

No, it is not recommended to bleach the hair extensions; this may damage them and dry them out.

Tape Hair Extensions

How many pieces will I need?

It will usually take about an average of 40 pieces for volume and length, and it will usually take about an average of 20 pieces for volume. For Very Thick and short Hair you many need a total of 50 pieces or more.

What Supplies will I need?

Replacement Tape for move ups Tape Remover Large hair clips Tail Comb