What should I do when sleeping with the extensions?

Plait and brush your hair before going to bed, as this will avoid excessive tangling. Never go to bed with wet hair.

Can I color the hair extensions?

Royal Hair Extensions have been previously treated by a new method called depigmation. It’s a chemically processed to provide the best quality hygienic human hair extensions. It is not recommended to lighten or bleach your extensions. If you must colour, we recommend purchasing a lighter colour and using semi-permanent colour to deposit only (No more then 2-3 shades). If you want hair that you can colour, we recommend you purchase virgin hair range.

What effect does exercising, steam baths or saunas have on hair extensions?

If you exercise with your hair extensions, we recommend you rinse and condition the extensions after exercising. Salt from exercising if allowed can build up and will strip moisture and proteins from the hair.