How long will these Gold Coast hair extensions last in my hair?

If installed properly they should last for about 3 months, I do not recommend leaving the hair extensions longer than 3 months. You can take them out and re apply them. The quality of the hair is excellent so you can re apply for 1 year.

Can I use the same links?

No, you will need to use new links every time you apply the hair extensions

Can I color my roots?

Yes, you can color your roots but make sure you don’t color the hair extensions, this will dry them out. Especially when bleaching your hair, make sure you only bleach your roots.

Can I apply the extensions on my own?

No, you will need a professional to apply the quality hair extensions . It is not recommended to apply any type of hair extensions Gold Coast and Sydney have to offer on your own.

Can I bleach the hair extensions?

No, it is not recommended to bleach the hair extensions, this may damage them and dry them out.

Fusion Hair Extensions, Nail Tip

How many strands will I need?

It will usually take about an average of 100-150 I tipped strands for volume and length, and it will usually take about an average of 75 I tipped strands for volume.

For Very Thick and short Hair you many need a total of 200 Strands.

What Supplies Will I need?

Hot fusion iron/wand

Scalp protectors and hair clips

Large hair clips